In 2023, CLOVA and NAVER AI LAB were integrated with NAVER CLOUD.

CLOVA and AI LAB, which have continuously invested in large-scale AI research and development since 2017, have now surpassed the best in Korea and have global research capabilities, which is confirmed by the continuous increase in the number of regular papers published by Top-tier AI societies. Beyond academic papers, these studies are applied to various services of Naver and Line as well as services of partner companies in the form of B2B, providing new and innovative values to users.


  • Computer Vision

  • NLP/Hyperscale LM

  • Speech Recognition

  • Voice Synthesis

  • User Behavior Modeling

  • Logistics Optimization

  • Auto ML

  • HCI

  • Healthcare AI

  • Reinforcement Learning

Academic Achievement of CLOVA & AI LAB in 2022

AI Tech Vertical Line-up of CLOVA

Super-scale AI technology research and service commercialization

Naver recently launched HyperCLOVA, a Korean AI with a model size of 204B, in May 2021 after investing in Hyperscale AI, which is drawing attention as a key to a new era of AI technology and service development. Super-scale AI, which can create various services with one big model, is already used for Naver's various services and startup services such as CLOVA Studio, CLOVA Carecall, and CLOVA Note, and is becoming a global leader in the super-large AI field.

Continuous discussion of AI ethical standards

After the announcement of the 2021 Naver AI Ethics Rules, we will continue to think about AI ethics such as holding workshops on ultra-large AI ethics at ACM FAccT 2022 and publishing *NAVER-SAPI AI Report, introduce our own AI ethics check process from the AI service design stage, apply its value to actual services, and realize 'AI for people'.

*NAVER-SAPI AI Report: Naver and Seoul National University AI Policy Initiative (SAPI) share the process and results of social and ethical concerns contained in Naver AI service.

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