Backbone Research

About Us

Our team is devoted to a comprehensive exploration of fundamental topics within the fields of deep learning and artificial intelligence. We have a strong passion for developing efficient and powerful models for deep neural networks and rigorously training them to establish solid foundation models. Initially focusing on computer vision and machine learning, we have recently broadened our scope to include language modeling and multimodal learning. Our research interests are summarized as follows:

Research topics

  • New Foundation Models/Elements: We focus on designing and building innovative foundation models and architectural elements in vision (language) models and language models.

  • New Training Methods: Our team is also dedicated to developing novel training methodologies that enhance the learning efficiency and effectiveness of our models.

  • Cost-efficiency Improvements: We explore various avenues to increase overall efficiency, addressing a wide range of needs and challenges.

  • Data-Related Topics: We examine critical issues related to training data to optimize training and performance.

Hiring Research Scientists

We are seeking globally competitive research scientists committed to advancing generational research. As a valued team member, you will have the opportunity to lead your own projects, select your research topics, and collaborate with other members and our network of affiliated centers. We place a high priority on the proactivity and initiative of our new members, viewing these qualities as essential to driving our environment forward. Ideal candidates should possess excellent communication skills and a strong desire to innovate and collaborate, contributing to our dynamic and forward-thinking team.


  • Strong insight and intuition, coupled with excellent problem-solving skills.

  • Hold a PhD degree or equivalent (or expect to receive one within 6 months) in Computer Science (CS), Electrical Engineering (EE), or other closely related fields.

  • Demonstrated publication record in top-tier conferences and journals within AI/ML.

  • Extensive experience in research collaborations and academic writing in relevant fields.

  • Strong communication skills and openness to discussions.

Hiring Research Interns

We are seeking internship members who are passionate about the research topics we focus on. While alignment with our mentioned topics is not mandatory, preference will be given to candidates who are actively studying closely related areas. A key prerequisite for the internship is excellent communication skills, necessary for articulating research progress and findings clearly and effectively. This is a full-time, in-person internship role.


  • Strong communication skills, and openness to constructive discussions and feedback.

  • Pursuing a PhD or equivalent in Computer Science (CS), Electrical Engineering (EE), Mathematics, or other relevant fields (not mandatory but preferred).

  • At least one paper authored as the first author in AI/ML-related conferences.

  • Proven experience in research collaborations and academic writing in related fields.

How to Apply

  • Please submit your application via this platform to register for our Talent Pool (available in Korean/English), where sign-in is required.

    • Application category: Tech > Common > Common > AI (Intern)

    • Fall/Winter Internship may start on September 2nd.

Recent publications (from 2023 to 2024)

Below is a list of recent publications that reflect our areas of interest and ongoing projects. NAVER AI Lab members are distinguished by being displayed in bold text. The corresponding authors and those who have made equal contributions are denoted by *, and the internship members or visiting researchers who worked in NAVER AI Lab are donated by ✝︎.



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