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Full publication list of NAVER Cloud


Target venues: AAAI (3), ICLR (15), CHI (6), NAACL (4), CVPR (6), ICML (4), ACL (9), ICASSP (4), CSCW, UIST, Interspeech, ECCV, EMNLP, NeurIPS

  1. LangBridge: Multilingual Reasoning without Multilingual Supervision, Dongkeun Yoon, Joel Jang, Sungdong Kim (NAVER CLOUD), Seungone Kim, Sheikh Shafayat, Minjoon Seo, ACL 2024 Main

  2. Who Wrote this Code? Watermarking for Code Generation, Taehyun Lee, Seokhee Hong, Jaewoo Ahn, Ilgee Hong, Hwaran Lee (NAVER AI Lab), Sangdoo Yun (NAVER AI Lab), Jamin Shin, Gunhee Kim, ACL 2024 Main

  3. Calibrating Large Language Models Using Their Generations Only, Dennis Thomas Ulmer, Martin Gubri (Parameter Lab), Hwaran Lee (NAVER AI Lab), Sangdoo Yun (NAVER AI Lab), Seong Joon Oh (Parameter Lab), ACL 2024 Main

  4. Aligning Large Language Models by On-Policy Self-Judgment, Sangkyu Lee, Sungdong Kim* (NAVER CLOUD), Ashkan Yousefpour, Minjoon Seo, Kang Min Yoo (NAVER CLOUD), Youngjae Yu*, ACL 2024 Main

  5. DADA: Distribution-Aware Domain Adaptation of PLMs for Information Retrieval, Dohyeon Lee, Jongyoon Kim, Seung-Won Hwang, Joonsuk Park (NAVER AI Lab), ACL 2024 Main

  6. KoBBQ: Korean Bias Benchmark for Question Answering, Jiho Jin, Jiseon Kim, Nayeon Lee, Haneul Yoo, Alice Oh, Hwaran Lee (NAVER AI Lab), ACL 2024 (TACL)

  7. TimeChara: Evaluating Point-in-Time Character Hallucination of Role-Playing Large Language Models. Jaewoo Ahn (SNU), Taehyun Lee (SNU), Junyoung Lim (SNU), Jin-Hwa Kim (NAVER AI Lab, SNU AIIS), Sangdoo Yun (NAVER AI Lab, SNU AIIS), Hwaran Lee (NAVER AI Lab), Gunhee Kim (SNU). ACL 2024 Findings.

  8. KorNAT: LLM Alignment Benchmark for Korean Social Values and Common Knowledge, Jiyoung Lee, Minwoo Kim, Seungho Kim, Junghwan Kim, Seunghyun Won, Hwaran Lee (NAVER AI Lab), Edward Choi, ACL 2024 Findings

  9. TRAP: Targeted Random Adversarial Prompt Honeypot for Black-Box Identification, Martin Gubri (Parameter Lab), Dennis Thomas Ulmer, Hwaran Lee (NAVER AI Lab), Sangdoo Yun (NAVER AI Lab), Seong Joon Oh (Parameter Lab), ACL 2024 Findings

  10. SCANNER: Knowledge-Enhanced Approach for Robust Multi-modal Named Entity Recognition of Unseen Entities, Hyunjong Ok, Taeho Kil (NAVER Cloud), Sukmin Seo (NAVER Cloud), Jaeho Lee, NAACL 2024 Main

  11. Toward Interactive Regional Understanding in Vision-Large Language Models , Jungbeom Lee, Sanghyuk Chun* (NAVER AI Lab), Sangdoo Yun* (NAVER AI Lab), NAACL 2024 Main

  12. LifeTox: Unveiling Implicit Toxicity in Life Advice, Minbeom Kim, Jahyun Koo, Hwanhee Lee, Joonsuk Park (NAVER AI Lab), Hwaran Lee (NAVER AI Lab), Kyomin Jung, NAACL 2024 Main

  13. Instruction Tuning with Human Curriculum Bruce W. Lee, Hyunsoo Cho, Kang Min Yoo, NAACL 2024 Findings

  14. EGTR: Extracting Graph from Transformer for Scene Graph Generation, Jinbae Im (NAVER Cloud), JeongYeon Nam (NAVER Cloud), Nokyung Park (NAVER Cloud), Hyungmin Lee (NAVER Cloud), Seunghyun Park (NAVER Cloud), CVPR 2024 Oral

  15. ECLIPSE: Efficient Continual Learning in Panoptic Segmentation with Visual Prompt Tuning, Beomyoung Kim (NAVER Cloud), Joonsang Yu (NAVER Cloud), Sung Ju Hwang (KAIST), CVPR 2024

  16. Exploiting Style Latent Flows for Video Deepfake Detection, Jongwook Choi, Taehoon Kim, Yonghyun Jeong (NAVER Cloud), Seungryul Baek, Jongwon Choi, CVPR 2024

  17. One-Shot Structure-Aware Stylized Image Synthesis, Hansam Cho, Jong Hyun Lee, Seunggyu Chang (NAVER Cloud), Yonghyun Jeong (NAVER Cloud), CVPR 2024

  18. DreamMatcher: Appearance Matching Self-Attention for Semantically-Consistent Text-to-Image Personalization, Jisu Nam, Heesu Kim (NAVER CLOUD), DongJae Lee, Seungryong Kim, Seunggyu Chang (NAVER CLOUD), CVPR 2024

  19. Language-only Efficient Training of Zero-shot Composed Image Retrieval., Geonmo Gu* (NAVER), Sanghyuk Chun* (NAVER AI Lab), Wonjae Kim (NAVER AI Lab), Yoohoon Kang (NAVER), Sangdoo Yun (NAVER AI Lab), CVPR 2024

  20. STELLA: Continual Audio-Video Pre-training with Spatio-Temporal Localized Alignment, Jaewoo Lee (KAIST), Jaehong Yoon (KAIST), Wonjae Kim (NAVER AI Lab), Yunji Kim (NAVER AI Lab), Sung Ju Hwang (KAIST), ICML 2024

  21. A Simple Early Exiting Framework for Accelerated Sampling in Diffusion Models. Taehong Moon (KRAFTON), Moonseok Choi (KAIST), EungGu Yun (KAIST), Jongmin Yoon (KAIST), Gayoung Lee (NAVER AI Lab), Jaewoong Cho (KRAFTON), Juho Lee (KAIST). ICML 2024.

  22. Synergistic Integration of Coordinate Network and Tensorial Feature for Improving Neural Radiance Fields from Sparse Inputs, Mingyu Kim (KAIST), Jun-Seong Kim (KAIST), Se-Young Yun (KAIST)*, Jin-Hwa Kim* (NAVER AI Lab, SNU AIIS). ICML 2024.

  23. PruNeRF: Segment-Centric Dataset Pruning via 3D Spatial Consistency. Yeonsung Jung (KAIST), Heecheol Yun (KAIST), Joonhyung Park (KAIST), Jin-Hwa Kim* (NAVER AI Lab, SNU AIIS), Eunho Yang* (KAIST). ICML 2024.

  24. Vision-Language Generative Model for View-Specific Chest X-ray Generation. Hyungyung Lee (KAIST), Da Young Lee (Deep-in-Sight Co.), Wonjae Kim (NAVER AI Lab), Jin-Hwa Kim (NAVER AI Lab, SNU AIIS), Tackeun Kim (Seoul National Bundang Hospital), Jihang Kim (Seoul National Bundang Hospital), Leonard Sunwoo (Seoul National Bundang Hospital), Edward Choi (KAIST). CHIL 2024.

  25. ChaCha: Leveraging Large Language Models to Prompt Children to Share Their Emotions about Personal Events. Woosuk Seo (Univ. of Michigan), Chanmo Yang (Wonkwang Univ. Hospital), Young-Ho Kim (NAVER AI Lab). CHI 2024.

  26. MindfulDiary: Harnessing Large Language Model to Support Psychiatric Patients’ Journaling. Taewan Kim (KAIST), Seolyeong Bae (GIST), Hyun Ah Kim (NAVER Cloud), Su-woo Lee (Wonkwang Univ. Hospital), Hwajung Hong (KAIST), Chanmo Yang (Wonkwang Univ. Hospital), Young-Ho Kim (NAVER AI Lab). CHI 2024.

  27. Understanding the Impact of Long-Term Memory on Self-Disclosure with Large Language Model-Driven Chatbots for Public Health Intervention. Eunkyung Jo (UC Irvine), Yuin Jeong (NAVER Cloud), SoHyun Park (NAVER Cloud), Daniel A. Epstein (UC Irvine), Young-Ho Kim (NAVER AI Lab). CHI 2024.

  28. DiaryMate: Understanding User Perceptions and Experience in Human-AI Collaboration for Personal Journaling. Taewan Kim (KAIST), Donghoon Shin (UW), Young-Ho Kim (NAVER AI Lab), Hwajung Hong (KAIST). CHI 2024.

  29. GenQuery: Supporting Expressive Visual Search with Generative Models. Kihoon Son (KAIST), DaEun Choi (KAIST), Tae Soo Kim (KAIST), Young-Ho Kim (NAVER AI Lab), Juho Kim (KAIST). CHI 2024.

  30. EvalLM: Interactive Evaluation of Large Language Model Prompts on User-Defined Criteria. Tae Soo Kim (KAIST), Yoonjoo Lee (KAIST), Jamin Shin (NAVER AI Lab), Young-Ho Kim (NAVER AI Lab), Juho Kim (KAIST). CHI 2024.

  31. Rethinking Session Variability: Leveraging Session Embeddings for Session Robustness in Speaker Verification. Hee-Soo Heo (NAVER Cloud), KiHyun Nam, Bong-Jin Lee (NAVER Cloud), Youngki Kwon (NAVER Cloud), Minjae Lee (NAVER Cloud), You Jin Kim (NAVER Cloud), Joon Son Chung ICASSP 2024 Oral

  32. TalkNCE: Improving Active Speaker Detection with Talk-Aware Contrastive Learning. Chaeyoung Jung, Suyeon Lee, Kihyun Nam, Kyeongha Rho, You Jin Kim (NAVER Cloud), Youngjoon Jang, Joon Son Chung ICASSP 2024 Oral

  33. Keep Decoding Parallel with Effective Knowledge Distillation from Language Models to End-to-End Speech Recognisers. Michael Hentschel, Yuta Nishikawa (LINE), Tatsuya Komatsu (LINE), Yusuke Fujita(LINE) ICASSP 2024 Oral

  34. Enhancing Multilingual TTS with Voice Conversion Based Data Augmentation and Posterior Embedding. Hyun-Wook Yoon; Jin-Seob Kim; Ryuichi Yamamoto; Ryo Terashima; Chan-Ho Song; Jae-Min Kim; Eunwoo Song, ICASSP 2024

  35. Noise Map Guidance: Inversion with Spatial Context for Real Image Editing. Hansam Cho, Jonghyun Lee, Seoung Bum Kim, Taehyun Oh*, Yonghyun Jeong*. ICLR 2024.

  36. Compose and Conquer: Diffusion-Based 3D Depth Aware Composable Image Synthesis. Jonghyun Lee, Hansam Cho, Youngjoon Yoo, Seoung Bum Kim, Yonghyun Jeong. ICLR 2024.

  37. Label-Noise Robust Diffusion Models, Byeonghu Na, Yeongmin Kim, HeeSun Bae, Jung Hyun Lee, Se Jung Kwon, Wanmo Kang, Il-chul Moon. ICLR 2024.

  38. Rethinking Channel Dimensions to Isolate Outliers for Low-bit Weight Quantization of Large Language Models. Jung Hwan Heo, Jeonghoon Kim, Beomseok Kwon, Byeongwook Kim, Se Jung Kwon, Dongsoo Lee. ICLR 2024.

  39. LUT-GEMM: Quantized Matrix Multiplication based on LUTs for Efficient Inference in Large-Scale Generative Language Models. Gunho Park, Baeseong Park, Minsub Kim, S. Lee, J. Kim, B. Kwon, Se Jung Kwon, Byeongwook Kim, Youngjoo Lee, Dongsoo Lee. ICLR 2024.

  40. Compressed Context Memory for Online Language Model Interaction. Jang-Hyun Kim, Junyoung Yeom, Sangdoo Yun*, Hyun Oh Song*. ICLR 2024.

  41. Lipsum-FT: Robust Fine-Tuning of Zero-Shot Models Using Random Text Guidance. Giung Nam, Byeongho Heo, Juho Lee. ICLR 2024.

  42. Bridging Vision and Language Spaces with Assignment Prediction. Jungin Park, Jiyoung Lee, Kwanghoon Sohn. ICLR 2024.

  43. Let 2D Diffusion Model Know 3D-Consistency for Robust Text-to-3D Generation. Junyoung Seo, Wooseok Jang, Min-Seop Kwak, Hyeonsu Kim, Jaehoon Ko, Junho Kim, Jin-Hwa Kim*, Jiyoung Lee*, Seungryong Kim*. ICLR 2024.

  44. FLASK: Fine-grained Language Model Evaluation based on Alignment Skill Sets. Seonghyeon Ye∗, Doyoung Kim∗, Sungdong Kim, Hyeonbin Hwang, Seungone Kim, Yongrae Jo, James Thorne, Juho Kim, Minjoon Seo. ICLR 2024 (Spotlight).

  45. Prometheus: Inducing Evaluation Capability in Language Models. Seungwon Kim, Jamin Shin, Yejin Cho, Joel Jang, Shayne Longpre, Hwaran Lee, Sangdoo Yun, Sungjin Shin, Sungdong Kim, James Thron, Minjoon Seo. ICLR 2024.

  46. SuRe: Improving Open-domain Question Answering of LLMs via Summarized Retrieval. Jaehyung Kim, Jaehyun Nam, Sangwoo Mo, Jongjin Park, Sang-Woo Lee, Minjoon Seo, Jung-Woo Ha, Jinwoo Shin. ICLR 2024.

  47. Hierarchical Context Merging: Better Long Context Understanding for Pre-trained LLMs. Woomin Song, Seunghyuk Oh, Sangwoo Mo, Jaehyung Kim, Sukmin Yun, Jung-Woo Ha, Jinwoo Shin. ICLR 2024.

  48. What does automatic differentiation compute for neural networks? Sejun Park, Sanghyuk Chun, Wonyeol Lee. ICLR 2024. (Spotlight)

  49. Improved Probabilistic Image-Text Representations. Sanghyuk Chun. ICLR 2024.

  50. Topic-VQ-VAE: Leveraging Latent Codebooks for Flexible Topic-Guided Document Generation. YoungJoon Yoo, Jongwon Choi. AAAI 2024.

  51. Gaussian Mixture Proposals with Pull-Push Learning Scheme to Capture Diverse Events for Weakly Supervised Temporal Video Grounding. Sunoh Kim, Jungchan Cho, Joonsang Yu, YoungJoon Yoo, Jin Young Choi. AAAI 2024.

  52. ProxyDet: Synthesizing Proxy Novel Classes via Classwise Mixup for Open-Vocabulary Object Detection. Joonhyun Jeong, Geondo Park, Jayeon Yoo, Hyungsik Jung, Heesu Kim. AAAI 2024.


Target venues (89): AAAI (6), CHI (4), ICLR (8), ICASSP (10), EACL (1), CVPR (8), ICML (5), ACL (10), CSCW (2), UIST (1), Interspeech (9), ICCV (13), EMNLP (8), NeurIPS (4)

  1. Jeonghoon Kim, Jung Hyun Lee, Sungdong Kim, Joonsuk Park, Kang Min Yoo, Se Jung Kwon, Dongsoo Lee. Memory-Efficient Fine-Tuning of Compressed Large Language Models via sub-4-bit Integer Quantization. NeurIPS 2023.

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  36. Tong Steven Sun (George Mason Univ.), Yuyang Gao (Emory Univ.), Shubham Khaladkar (George Mason Univ.), Sijia Liu (Michigan State Univ.), Liang Zhao (Emory Univ.), Young-Ho Kim (NAVER AI Lab), Sungsoo Ray Hong (George Mason Univ.). Designing a Direct Feedback Loop between Humans and Convolutional Neural Networks through Local Explanations. PACM HCI (CSCW 2023). [paper]

  37. Hwaran Lee (NAVER AI Lab, NAVER Cloud), Seokhee Hong (SNU), Joonsuk Park (NAVER AI Lab, NAVER Cloud), Takyoung Kim (NAVER AI Lab, NAVER Cloud), Meeyoung Cha (KAIST), Yejin Choi (UW), BYOUNGPIL KIM (KAIST), Gunhee Kim (SNU), Eun-Ju Lee (SNU), Yong Lim (SNU), Alice Oh (KAIST), Sangchul Park (SNU) and Jung-Woo Ha (NAVER AI Lab, NAVER Cloud). SQuARe: A Large-Scale Dataset of Sensitive Questions and Acceptable Responses Created through Human-Machine Collaboration. ACL 2023 (best paper nominated). [paper][code&data]

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