HCI and More Research Areas

Papers published at the venues related to various research fields such as HCI, Music, etc.


Grace Zhang (USC), Linghan Zhong (USC), Youngwoon Lee, Joseph Lim. Policy Transfer across Visual and Dynamics Domain Gaps via Iterative Grounding. RSS 2021.

Anna Offenwanger (U of British Columbia), Alan John Milligan (University of British Columbia), Minsuk Chang (Naver AI Lab & KAIST), Julia Bullard (U of British Columbia), Dongwook Yoon (U of British Columbia). Diagnosing Bias in the Gender Representation of HCI Research Participants: How it Happens and Where We Are?. CHI 2021. 2021

Minsuk Chang (Naver AI Lab & KAIST), Mina Huh (KAIST), Juho Kim (KAIST). RubySlippers: Supporting Content-based Voice Navigation for How-to Videos. CHI 2021. 2021

Yoonjoo Lee (KAIST), John Joon Young Chung(U of Michigan), Jean Y Song (KAIST), Minsuk Chang (Naver AI Lab & KAIST), Juho Kim (KAIST). Personalizing Ambience and Illusionary Presence: How People Use “Study with Me” Videos to Create Effective Studying Environments. CHI 2021. 2021

Seungwon Do (ETRI), Minsuk Chang (Naver AI Lab & KAIST), Byungjoo Lee (KAIST). A Simulation Model of Intermittently Controlled Point-and-Click Behavior. CHI 2021. 2021

~ 2020

Hyunhoon Jung, Hyeji Kim, Jung-Woo Ha. Understanding Differences between Heavy Users and Light Users in Difficulties with Voice User Interfaces. CUI 2020. 2020

Seungjae Jung, Kyung-Min Kim, Hanock Kwak, Young-Jin Park. A Worrying Analysis of Probabilistic Time-series Models for Sales Forecasting. PMLR (in press), ICBINB@NeurIPS 2020.

Minz Won, Sanghyuk Chun, Xavier Serra. Toward Interpretable Music Tagging with Self-Attention. arXiv. 2019

Xiaodong Gu, Hongyu Zhang (Univ. of Newcastle), Sunghun Kim. CodeKernel: A Graph Kernel Based Approach to the Selection of API Usage Examples. IEEE/ACM ASE 2019. 2019

Xiaodong Gu, Hongyu Zhang, Sunghun Kim. Deep Code Search. ICSE 2018. 2018

Seunghyun Park, You Jin Kim, Jeong Whun Kim, Jin Joo Park, Borim Ryu, Jung-Woo Ha. Interpretable Prediction of Vascular Diseases from Electronic Health Records via Deep Attention Networks. IEEE BIBE 2018.

Hanjoo Kim, Minkyu Kim, Dongjoo Seo, Jinwoong Kim, Heungseok Park, Soeun Park, Hyunwoo Jo, KyungHyun Kim, Youngil Yang, Youngkwan Kim, Nako Sung, Jung-Woo Ha. NSML: Meet the MLaaS Platform with a Real-World Case Study. arXiv. 2018

Jung-Woo Ha, Adrian Kim, Chanju Kim, Jangyeon Park, Sung Kim. Automatic Music Highlight Extraction Using Convolutional Recurrent Attention Networks. arXiv. 2017

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